About Catherine - Catherine Swan Artist

About Catherine

In 2015 I graduated from Ulster University, Belfast with an Honours Degree in Fine Art. Since then, I wanted to follow my passion for painting by starting up my own business.

Over the previous two years I have been self employed as ‘Catherine Swan Artist’ and it is thanks to my customers that I have been able to continue painting for a living and making my business a growing success. Throughout the year I spend my time attending shows and craft fairs. I have travelled around Northern and Southern Ireland and plan to expand further in time.

Growing up in rural Northern Ireland I have always had a love for the outdoors and everything that comes with it, from the animals to the fields and mountains, to the rivers and lakes. The inspiration behind all my original paintings comes from where I live and the world around me. I am very blessed to live in a very picturesque area and I never have far to go to find inspiration for a new creation.

As I develop as an artist I am excited about the endless possibilities within painting. I continue to experiment with compositions, scale and colour to create something quirky and original.

Photo of Catherine Swan
Catherine Swan, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art