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What is a Commission?

A commission is a personalised painting requested by an individual. The customer may supply source material and ideas for the artist to work from. This kind of painting is very unique and personal, and makes a great gift.

How do I order a commission?

Get in touch with Catherine to discuss your ideas. You need to request a price list from her. This will display a range of prices, mediums and sizes. Once you have decided your preferred option, Catherine can get started on your commissioned painting. If you want Catherine to work from a photograph you will need to send her the images.

What is the difference between Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour?

Oil paint is the most popular medium for painting in. It is a slow drying medium that takes longer to build the layers and complete. The colours are strongly pigmented and vibrant. This is the perfect medium for painting landscapes, people portraits, animal portraits and wedding portraits.

Acrylic paint is a fast drying medium used with water. Like oils, the colours are vibrant and stand out. If you are on a tighter time scale this may be the option for you. This is a great medium for painting landscapes and animal portraits.

Watercolour is a loosely applied water based medium with a washy, transparent effect. Catherine usually works into the watercolour with pen to add extra definition. This is a great medium for animal portraits.

How long does a commissioned painting take to complete?

Depending on size and medium, the time scale can differ. Large paintings can take months to complete yet small watercolours can take a matter of 2-3 weeks depending on time of year.  Please make it clear to Catherine if you need a painting for a particular date as she will try her best to meet your deadline.

Is framing included?

Yes, Catherine works with a local framer to sort all framing enquiries.

How do I contact Catherine?

Phone/Text/WhatsApp: 07821648611
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Please remember, when ordering a commission, the artist has her own style of painting and that style will be adapted to the commission. Please look at samples of Catherine’s work before placing your order for a commission.